Muscle building fat burning EMS sculpting machine with RF

Muscle building fat burning EMS sculpting machine with RF

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1.EMS sculpting is a breakthrough machine, offering non-invasive body contouring that eliminates fat and builds muscle. In a 30 minute session, the EMS sculpting machine induces a whopping 20,000 muscle contractions in the area of treatment, the equivalent of doing the same number of crunches or squats.
2.There are EMS and RF ( radio frequency ) functions are available. Better treatment results were achieved.

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Exclusive & Upgraded Handles
The HI-BODY PRO1 is equipped with three kinds of handles, Handle for Body (A), Handle for Arms/Legs (B), Pelvic Floor Handle (C).


A. Handle for Body
To avoid movement or falling off during treatment, there are 4 specially designed linkers in different lengths for the handles, which can be selected according to the treatment sites and
the treatment customers.


B. Handle for Arms/Legs
The handle for arms/legs has dual output functions of RF and EMS. Either single EMS/RF or EMS+RF can be selected according to different treatment functions/areas/customers. One handle equals two, to save space and cost for customers.


C. Pelvic Floor Handle(Optional)
Postpartum recovery pelvic floor muscles training private treatment prevention.


Android OS Software Interfaces Introduction
Android operation system creates an intelligent platform that is very helpful and friendly for device distributors and chain of beauty salon operators. It supplies many unbelievable functions for the EMS+RF body sculpting device in the 5G era.
1. The system provides main functions such as user management, video, voice, language, pictures, files, body composition analyzer, software version update, Internet access etc.;
2. The system provides CRM functions such as user data establishment, storage, analysis, transmission, and multi-device sharing and interconnection;
3. The system can realize the IoT functions such as the interconnection of wireless devices, portable devices and smart home appliances;
4. The system can realize free online remote system one-button upgrade, and online real-time push system updating;
5. The system can realize online self-inspection push to bring foolproof and convenient after-sales and maintenance service;
6. Smart Android OS, Intelligent algorithm brings seven treatment modes to achieve better treatment effect.

Body Composition Analyzer
The body composition analyzer connected with machine by bluetooth can analyze and record the varying data of before and after treatment, like weight, muscle, BMI index, obesity levels etc.


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Technical Parameters
Mode Portable
Handle 2 Handles or 4 Handles(Optional)
Net Weight 40Kg
Gross Weight 55Kg
Machine Size 37cm*59cm*36cm
Packing Size 73cm*73cm*59cm
Screen 13" OGS Android screen
Output Frequency 10-90Hz
Pulse Duration 250Us
Cooling System Air cooling
Input Voltage AC220V, 50Hz/ AC110V, 60Hz

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