EMS sculpting emslim machine muscle sculpture

EMS sculpting emslim machine muscle sculpture

Short Description:

The vertical and portable EMS+RF scultping machines with 4 treatment handles and optional pelvic chair cushion.
Latest Android operation system brings cool finger operation on the screen, freely data transfer, OTA system upgrade etc.
The smart body fat analyzer works together with it to show how the treatment results obviously.

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EMS sculpting machine is unique among body contouring treatments because it can not only melt away fat, but also tone muscle at the same time. It can flatten out a belly, firm and round a behind, or make thighs more muscular than ever, all with just a few quick, painless, half-hour treatments.
EMS sculpting is the non-invasive technology that simultaneously uses radio frequency and HIFEM+ (High-intensity focused electromagnetic energy) to eliminate fat and build muscle.

Exclusive Handles

EMS / RF / Two-sided energy output
1.The limb handles have radio frequency function optional. Either single EMS/RF or EMS+RF can be selected according to different treatment functions, different areas and different customers.
2.To avoid movement and falling off during treatment, there are 4 specially designed lengths’ connection for the body handles, which can be selected according to the treatment sites and the treatment customers.

Exclusive interface & software
1.The equipment is networked. Customer Relationship Management system available.
Online real-time viewing of equipment usage status, usage records and used parameters. Different machines at different locations can be connected to achieve convenient management for sellers and chain stores.
2.System online upgrade for permanent latest functions.
3.Based on cloud sharing technology, the software supports OTA over-the-air upgrade, to realize intelligent parameter sharing, and synchronous update of new functions and new extended hardwares.

Body Composition Analyzer
Bluetooth connecting intelligent body composition analyzer,deliver accurate, quick, and non-invasive assessments to provide you with insightful and actionable data.


Product Application

★ Muscle building, Fat burning, Body shaping, Buttocks lifting, Abdomen sculpting, Thighs shaping.
★ 1 treatment, 30 minutes,20000 crunches or squats.
★ 100% supramaximal muscle contractions, other exercises only reach to 20-30%.
★ Abdominal muscle mass increased by 16%.
★ Abdominal muscle firmness increased by 11%.
★ Treatment / Week = Beautiful + Health.
★ One course of treatment, Reduction of fat is 19%.
★ Waist circumference loss 4cm.
★ Fat metabolism increased to 5times.


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Technical Parameters
Mode Portable
Handle 2 Handles or 4 Handles(Optional)
Net Weight 40Kg
Gross Weight 55Kg
Machine Size 37cm*59cm*36cm
Packing Size 73cm*73cm*59cm
Screen 13" OGS Android screen
Output Frequency 10-90Hz
Pulse Duration 250Us
Cooling System Air cooling
Input Voltage AC220V, 50Hz/ AC110V, 60Hz

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