Gold radio frequency rf microneedling microneedle machine

Gold radio frequency rf microneedling microneedle machine

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Microneedling uses a fine needle to create microwounds, or channels, in the skin. This triggers the production of capillaries, elastin, and collagen. It’s also called skin needling or collagen induction therapy. If the procedure also uses radiofrequency waves, it’s called radiofrequency microneedling.

You may be familiar with the skin tightening benefits of radiofrequency (RF) and you may also have heard about the collagen-boosting, skin-smoothing and rejuvenating benefits of microneedling. Well, radiofrequency microneedling brings those two technologies together in one powerful treatment.

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rf microneedling machine

Micro Needle Machine Treatment heads

*Gold RF Microcrystal head:stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid,the skin will be geng more full, hydrated, Q elastic.
*Ice compress hammer head : Brighten skin tone, reduce dull skin, promote collagen regeneration and enhance skin elasticity.
*10pins for Strip wrinkles stretch marks, narrow treatment areas.
*25pins for face treatment .
*64pins for body treatment, more needles, good for big treatment areas.
*Nanocrystal head is good to induce skin essence, for general skin rejuvenation.
rf microneedling machine functionHow rf microneedle works?microneeding RF function
Product Advantages


1. Use vacuum for more comfort

2. Non-insulated needles
The needle does not have an insulating coating, allowing the same treatment to be applied to the epidermal and dermal layers.
3. Gold-plated needle
The needle is durable and also has high biocompatibility through gold plating. Patients with metal allergy are also available and do not involve contact dermatitis.
4. Precise depth control

The epidermal and dermal layers were manipulated to control the depth of the needle in units of 0.1mm.
5. Safety needle system
- Disposable disinfectant needles.
-The operator can easily notice the applied RF energy from the red light.
6. Precision needle thickness
Minimum :0mm < Maximum :0.3 mm. The needle structure easily penetrates the skin with minimal resistance.
Gold RF microneedle RF VS fractional laser
Gold RF Microdermabrasion

Fractional Laser

1. High radio frequency is the most depth of physical properties, forming the heating and solidification field.

2.The target depth and the required energy of the gold RF microcrystal can be precisely adjusted3 The laser has a scattering effect, and it is difficult to reach the target depth (target 2mm), and the energy absorbed by the tissues in the skin cannot be predicted correctly, and side effects such as hormonal disorders often occur.Obey epidermal heating action, and longer resting time, and difficult sedation.
3.A course of care for fractional laser is necessary to reach (3-5), and for laserRF-Needle is required (1-3) care depending on the situation.
microneeding RF function
110V/60Hz OR 220V/50Hz
Power consumption
RF Frequency
1-2 MHZ
Micro Needle
10 needles/25 needles/64 needles/Nano needle
Max cooling temperature
-2 degree
Max heating temperature
45 degree
Needle depth
0.2 MM – 3 MM
Package Dimension
58*46*42 CM

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