2400W super power diode laser hair removal machine

2400W super power diode laser hair removal machine

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The speed of treatment increases 233% with 2400W America Coherent diode laser bars, especially for large area hair removal treatment, such as back, legs, abdomen and chest.

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Exclusive 2400W laser power, truly meet the needs of clients quick hair removal. Bigger spot size brings much quicker treatment. That is mostly significant when it comes to large treatment areas. This increase in speed (or decrease in treatment duration) is a major benefit for you the patient as well as the laser clinic. Spending less time in the clinic frees you as a patient to your preferred activities, and for the clinic the benefit is mostly financial - being able to treat more patients per day.

1.Fast hair removal treatment
High Speed handpiece:25mm*30mm, The speed of treatment increased by 233% using 2400W America Coherent diode laser. Suitable for large area hair removal treatment, such as back, legs, abdomen and chest.

2.Smart Android System
Intelligent information processing: Integrating intelligent Android information system into UNT diode laser machine, making treatment and information processing more intelligent.

3.Convenient & Cost Effective
Proven clinical outcomes: UNT machines are easy for beauticians to operate,clinic data programmed, collect from UNT cooperation experience center from UK. At the same time, due to the high cost performance of the UNT machine has been widely recognized by customers.


Product Feature

1. Smart LCD control screen
12 inch color touch LCD screen and 2.4 inch color touch LCD screen handle, the handle screen has the same controls as the machine.

2. Smart operation system
The UNT software, which uses advanced Android system, is not just a machine that removes hair, but also supports Internet access, storage and intelligent information processing.



Technical specifications
Machine power: 5000W Pulse frequency: 1~6HZ
Maximum energy: 360J Pulse length: 10~300MS
Diode laser technical specifications
Laser power 2400W
Wavelength 808nm / 808nm+755nm+1064nm
Spot size 25*30mm (7.5cm2)
Cooling system Water cooling+TEC 450W cooling(exclusive)+Wind cooling+sapphire crystal +  Semiconductor refrigeration
Handle cooling temperature Crystal freeze cooling (-10℃~-5℃)
Software technical specifications
Screen size of the device 12 inch
Screen size of the handle 2.4 inch
Hair removal operate method Smart mode and expert mode
Functions Permanent hair removal
Warning system Tank temperature; Handle crystal temperature; Water flow rate
Language choice English+Spanish+German+French or according to customer's requirement ( Customize the language for your market)
Renting system Yes
Whole device specifications
Machine color choice White....Supporting OEM service
NG/GW 90kg/100kg
Shield material Oxidation resistant metal
Device warranty 2 year+Life-time maintain
Handle shooting warranty 20 millions

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