Dual connectors diode laser permanent hair removal machine

Dual connectors diode laser permanent hair removal machine

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Dual Handles in one system: Work simultaneously or independently, faster treatment for more profits. Our diode laser device model XPLUS5 is equipped two handles with different wavelength and power selections. Unlike other low-cost dual-handle machine, XPLUS5 has two independent working systems inside to drive the two handles that make them work SIMULTANEOUSLY or INDEPENDENTLY for faster and effective treatment.

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Large 6cm2 spot size for quick treatment
User friendly large screen (13.3inch Android screen)
Smart pre-set parameters
Intelligent user management
I-VI skin tones
Two connectors working system
Proven clinical outcomes
Powerful continuous cooling system
Exclusive dual handles together working system, free to change the handle base on treatment, save cost and treatment time.
Better benefits for clinic: Unt unique design -1500w laser power and 6 cm² large laser spot. The bigger the spot size, the quicker treatment. The speed of treatment increased by 200% compared to the 500w laser spot. That is mostly significant when it comes to large treatment areas. This increase in speed (or decrease in treatment duration) is a major benefit for you the patient as well as the laser clinic. Spending less time in the clinic frees you as a patient to your preferred activities, and for the clinic the benefit is mostly financial — being able to treat more patients per day.

Product advantage

5 in 1 handle
1.Enabling the fast treatment of larger areas with minimal discomfort and no downtime.
2.Equipped with five sizes of spot, one UNT handpiece is suitable for whole body treatment, including larger and smaller areas. 
3.The handle supports different spot sizes selection for accurate treatment of all body parts.
4.More laser power: 800W(spot size:15*15mm); 800W(spot size:15*20mm); 1200W(spot size:15*30mm); 1500W(spot size:15*40mm); φ6(facial tips).


Handle with Dual-screen
1.Handle with LCD touch screen, same as machine screen, standby/ready switchable,
energy adjustable, temperature/shots displayed, more convenient for operation.
2.2.1" LCD touch screen allows energy adjustable, ready/stand by switchable, ID info/temperature/cooling time displayed. 1.3" OLED display screen shows treatment settings and progress to improve speed and safety of operation.


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Technical Parameters DUPPLO PRO2
Model XPLUS5
Handle 2 Handles, work simultaneously or separately
Laser Bars Power 800W/1200W/1500W(Optional)
Spot Size ( φ6/15*15/15*20/15*30/15*40)mm
Net Weight 90Kg
Machine Size 45cm*48cm*115cm
Package Size 63cm*74cm*126cm
Screen 13.3" OGS Android screen
Handle Screen 2.1" LCD touch screen, 1.3" OLED display screen
Wavelength 755nm/808nm/1064nm/940nm(Optional)
Energy Density 10-140J/cm²
Frequency 1-10Hz
Pulse Duration 10-300ms(MAX)
Cooling System Double TEC active cooler+water+air+handle dual channel+sapphire contact cooling
Input Voltage AC220V, 50Hz/ AC110V, 60Hz

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