Professional 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine with Andoid OS machine

Professional 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine with Andoid OS machine

Introducing our revolutionary Laser Hair Removal System from Beijing UNT Technology Co., Ltd. For over 13 years, we have been at the forefront of beauty equipment manufacturing, providing our customers with cutting-edge technology and top-notch services. Today, we are proud to present a safe and effective solution for hair removal through our Diode laser hair removal system.


Our Diode laser hair removal system utilizes a beam of concentrated light and heat directed into the hair follicles, targeting the melanin contained within. This concentrated energy is absorbed by the pigment, ultimately destroying it and inhibiting hair growth in the treated follicles. With this advanced technology, you can confidently say goodbye to unwanted hair, achieving long-lasting results.

What sets our Laser Hair Removal System apart is its triple wavelengths, catering to all skin types and hair colors. Whether you have fair or dark skin or light or dark hair, our system is designed to effectively remove hair for all individuals. Additionally, the spot size is changeable, allowing for precise and customizable treatments based on your specific needs.


Not only is our system equipped with powerful hair removal capabilities, but it also features a unique and smart Android operation system. This innovative system is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, a camera, and even music capabilities. Moreover, our smart CRM system boasts an impressive 8G of storage capacity, capable of storing the treatment parameters, dates, telephone numbers, and chain store information for up to 100,000 patients. With this Android OS system, you can streamline your operations, eliminating manual record-keeping and creating a convenient platform for both you and your customers.

To further enhance the effectiveness of our Laser Hair Removal System, we have incorporated a hair follicle analyzer. This feature allows for a comprehensive analysis of the hair to identify any potential issues or concerns that may affect the treatment process. With this added intelligence, you can ensure precise and efficient hair removal for optimal results.


At Beijing UNT Technology Co., Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions for beauty equipment. In addition to offering complete machines and whole sets of spare parts, we also provide maintenance services, technology guidance, and even OEM/ODM design. With our expertise and commitment to quality, you can trust in the excellence of our Laser Hair Removal System.

In summary, our Laser Hair Removal System combines safety, effectiveness, and convenience in one incredible package. With triple wavelengths, changeable spot size, a unique Android operation system, a smart CRM system, and a hair fossil analyzer, our system offers unparalleled efficiency for hair removal on all skin types and hair colors. Join us in embracing this advanced technology and achieve the best results for your hair removal needs. Trust Beijing UNT Technology Co., Ltd, the industry leader in beauty equipment manufacturing, to provide you with the utmost quality and innovation.


Post time: Nov-17-2023